Building Exteriors

Protecting your home from the elements is important in the Inland Northwest and North Idaho areas. Snow, rain and wind are all contributing factors that can wreak havoc on a homes. Advances made in building technology have greatly improved the products that make up the building envelope of a home. Here we will discuss some of those products, and why Premier Quality Homes choose to use them on our homes.

LP WeatherLogic

Protecting the exterior of the home starts at framing. Not only is it important to protect against water penetration, but also against air leaks that reduce the homes energy performance. The LP WeatherLogic is a leap forward in protecting our homes from water and air intrusions. Traditional wall sheathing and house wrap is outdated and inferior in protecting against water intrusion.  WeatherLogic combines sheathing and house wrap into one product. The installation process is more efficient and provides better protection. Nail penetrations and seams are covered by a waterproof flashing tape, sealing the exterior from any water penetrations.  WeatherLogic is also installed on roofs providing an added layer of protection. Premier Quality Homes prefers to use this product, because the product starts protecting the home immediately upon installation. We also see a reduction in water absorption resulting in less warping, and product replacement. WeatherLogic also has better air sealing properties which provides our homes with a more energy efficient barrier.


Composite and metal roofs are the most common type of roofing system used in the Coeur d Alene, Hayden and Sandpoint Idaho areas. These systems last a number of years and both carry a class A fire rating. However, how they are installed can be a big factor in the lifespan of your roof. It is extremely important to follow the manufacturers specifications for the product line that is being installed. Metal roofing typically have a 50 year warranty. Most composite roofing carry a 30 year warranty. There are composite roofing systems available that do provide a 50 year warranty, but the product must be installed in a specific way. The GAF roofing system is one of the products available that does offer a 50 year warranty. We choose to use this product because of the warranty and the quality of the material.

House Siding

There are many siding options for new homes. Most people worry about the color or what the exterior of the home will look like. While this is important to achieve the overall design and style of the home, there are other factors that most people overlook when it comes to siding. When building in North Idaho area’s like Hayden, Coeur d Alene and Sandpoint, it is not only important to consider the elements but also natural disasters like forest fires. One of the products that we love to install is the Allura cement fiber siding. The Allura product is a class A fire rated material and will stand up to prolonged exposure to open flame. This makes it the ideal siding choice when building in the wooded and forested area’s of North Idaho, and in many circumstances qualifies for reduced insurance rates!   Allura also tends to absorb less water than wood siding, reducing the chance for warping or swelling.



There are many products that can be chosen to build a home in North Idaho. However, not all products are the same. Protecting your home from water penetrations in your roof and walls is extremely important, and some products do a substantially better job than others. It is important to know what products are being installed on your home. As they not only improve the longevity of the home, but they may also end up saving it from natural disasters.

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